Climate reduction is FINALLY seen as an investment!

Although a global company, we are based in London. So, it was great to hear the UK chancellor, Rishi Sunak identify his plans for investment in green tech. That is despite the £3b investment being described as a start, rather than a solution in many quarters.

This investment identifies that climate reduction is now a means to boost the economy. No longer will climate reduction be seen as cost! But, what does this mean to citizens? Is this in line with the rise of conscious capitalism?

It is important to understand the more holistic needs citizens now have. It’s not just money off that entices a purchase anymore. People want to make a positive impact on the world. Therefore, businesses need to do the same to get their hard-earned money.

One sector that amplifies this message is construction. Especially the sub-sector that is PropTech.

CBRE head of technology sector vertical, Mike Gedye said Purpose driven profit, or conscious capitalism, could become the point of difference which will drive more impact focused investments, from shareholders, consumers and tenants.

Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO and Founder of Pavegen said Our technology, the smart floor tile that provides off-grid clean energy and analytics, is seeing a lot of interest from businesses looking to showcase their sustainable credentials.

Our solution is unique because citizens not only see, very visibly the sustainable credentials of the company, but they contribute and donate with their footsteps.

It’s really is a matter of consumers deciding with their feet.”

Find out more about how our solution has helped retailers, stadiums, trains stations, smart cities and education facilities to create an engaged, fulfilled and loyal customer base.

Pavegen, the smart floor tile that produces clean energy, is also developing a functionality that will turn a footstep into a currency for the consumer, which in turn provides businesses with a tool to engage and entice repeat business. By providing the customer with an ROI on each step they take, it entices them to return to savvy, forward-thinking and sustainably driven businesses.