Cisco Live, USA

West Coast, USA

Pavegen and Tribal Planet worked to create a deeper engagement with Cisco’s brand and enhance its reputation in a fun and memorable way at its headline annual event.

We helped engage Cisco’s audience of IT specialists with its Social Impact programme in a lasting and engaging way.

Tribal Planet created ‘Network to Light’ – three unique Pavegen installations, app-enabled, designed to capture the footsteps of event attendees. This energy was then to be donated as electricity credits to power schools in Nepal.

Via Tribal Planet’s Citizen Earth app and screens, attendees could track their steps and see how much energy they were personally creating, simply by walking over the tiles. Daily winners would be announced via the app leaderboard and screens on-site.

Cisco’s goal was 1 million steps. The installation really caught the imagination of Cisco LIVE audiences,

The team doubled that target, capturing the energy of over 2 million footsteps.