Mercedes-Benz, SXSW

West Coast, USA

We collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to create an exhilarating experience for visitors to SXSW, the globally anticipated event for emerging tech. The activation, designed by ‘OK Go’ singer Damian Kulash called ‘Stress Inversion Transformer’, invited participants to stomp, scream and shout their stress away for 30 seconds inside a closed container. The floor of the unit was fitted entirely with Pavegen, and the walls with custom-designed piezoelectric transducers.

This is the first time Pavegen has operated alongside this technology, which converts sound pressure into electrical energy. The power generated by participants was then displayed on ‘UV’ screens for by-standers to monitor in real-time, also featuring the total amount of joules generated and the record amount generated in one session. The activation attracted hundreds of participants, nailing its goal of boosting engagement with the Mercedes-Benz brand.