Connecting Citizens to Cities

As a developer, you will be sourcing solutions for a myriad of needs. From sustainable technology, to finding ways for your buildings and cities to enhance the wellbeing of its citizens and residents. The pressure from citizens for more connected, intelligent, and safer cities has never been greater. 

Captivate the attention of your audience and use that captivation to engage in a two-way conversation, educate, influence positive behaviour or however you can imagine all because your citizens’ footstep, on a street they would already be walking, creates clean-electricity with every step.

As residents participate in the production of this clean electricity it creates a sense of well-being and belonging to the place they reside. As the developer, you can decide how and where that electricity is used. Most often it is used for low-power lighting sources such as LEDs or a monitor that can display anything from the amount of clean electricity the resident is contributing, to the latest information you need to share with your audience. In addition, the information can educate audiences as to your purpose and your goals to help align them.  

Be a leader and install technology that solves the challenges of future cities, not creates them … 



As pedestrians walk across the Pavegen system, the weight from their footsteps compresses electromagnetic generators below, producing 2-4 joules, or around 5 watts of power of off-grid electricity per step.

Low-Power Bluetooth beacons in the system connect to smartphone apps, generating permission-based analytics and rewards for users. The system can act as a standalone installation or communicate with building management systems.

Take a look at the worlds smartest cities, that have taken #thenextstep


Improving the wellbeing of a community.

Modern buildings play a significant role in wellbeing, community building and the environment. The first Pavegen activation track, located in the centre of Hong Kong, recognises this, and it harnesses the power of footsteps, turning them into electricity for the building.

By promoting general wellbeing that supports the environment, communities surrounding the Quayside are able to put real purpose behind every step they take. Through using the track, not only are these communities encouraged to stay active, they can receive instant gratification and results through a live data screen that presents real-time energy and footstep levels generated from their time spent on the tiles.


Our first revolutionary smart street.

We transformed a neglected side street into a smart and sustainable shopping destination in the heart of the West End, London’s premier retail location.

Visitors’ footfall triggered lights, bird sounds and an energy data feed to help the client understand footfall in the street. Bluetooth Low-Power beacons rewarded users for their interactions via branded apps.

“The magic of Pavegen is the fact that any footstep, is not wasted energy. This represents a whole new way for us to interact with the environments we live in. This isn’t just the future of smart cities; it is the smart cities of today.” - Jeff Martin, Former Head of Global Media and Entertainment, Apple
“We really see a synergy in terms of what Pavegen does and what Siemens do, especially around the energy generation and rich data capture. So, it works very well with our energy division and our IOT division, and especially around our mindsphere IOT platform.” - Kevin Worster, Senior Projects Developer, Siemens
“We get over a million visitors a month to the Mercury. The Pavegen system has given us a return on investment, adding 15% to our user database." - Spencer Hawken, Centre Manager, Mercury Mall
“We’ve seen tremendous applicability for Pavegen as a product alongside our own initiatives and sustainable transport and renewable energy. " - Vivek Nanda, CEO, Hinduja Investment & Project Services